Friday 20 April 2018

Table Mountain climbers: Cape Town rescuers find bodies

Table Mountain climbers: Cape Town rescuers find bodies
(BBC News Africa 01/03/18)

The bodies of a tourist and his guide have been recovered from South Africa's Table Mountain following an accident which trapped hundreds of people at the top of the popular attraction.

The man, his local guide and a second tourist are reported to have been using ropes to scale the front of the Cape Town mountain when they fell on Monday.

Rescuers then used the cable car to reach the surviving climber.

But the bodies were not recovered until first light on Tuesday.

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The tourists are understood to be of Asian origin while the guide was a South African, a spokeswoman for South Africa's Sanparks, which runs the country's national parks, told the BBC.

According to Table Mountain Cableway, the service - which takes thousands of people up and down the mountain every day - was out of action for about four hours, closing an hour after the group was first spotted.

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