Wednesday 18 April 2018

South Africa’s Opposition Demands President Pay for Home Renovations

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Although South Africa’s ruling African National Congress Party (ANC) exonerated President Jacob Zum of having to repay costly renovations to his private home, the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) party has threatened legal action against Zuma, the Speaker of Parliament, and the Ministry of Police.

The party wants them to accept the report by the Public Protector, the country’s anti-corruption body, which found that Zuma benefited unduly in using $23 million in taxpayer funds and that he should repay the cost of the non-security aspects of the renovation.

James Selfe, chairperson of the DA’s federal executive, was part of the parliamentary committee that went to see the upgrades, and is among those who thinks the president should repay the money.

“We who served on the committee of parliament that went to see those upgrades believed that [the] expenditure was irregular and that it substantially enhanced the value of his private residence. And, in line with the Public Protector, we believe that the president has the responsibility to repay a reasonable proportion of those costs,” he said.