Wednesday 25 April 2018

Counterterrorism - Bedoui Stresses Algeria-Tunisia Permanent Security Coordination

Counterterrorism - Bedoui Stresses Algeria-Tunisia Permanent Security Coordination
(Algérie Presse service 03/11/16)

Minister of Interior and Local Authorities Nouredine Bedoui on Thursday said there is a permanent security coordination between Algeria and Tunisia in the fight against terrorism, greeting Tunisian security forces' dealing with Monday's terrorist attack that targeted the town of Benguerdane, in Tunisia's south.

"There is coordination and exchange of information between Algerian and Tunisian security services to protect our two countries and societies," Bedoui said on the sidelines of a national conference on economy, domestic trade, taxation and social security.

The minister stressed the need for such coordination to continue, hinting at the terrorist attack in Benguerdane, adding that security of Tunisia and its border is intertwined with that of Algeria and its border, greeting Tunisian security institutions for their "professionalism" in facing the attack.

The interior minister said Algeria, which is in a "precarious" economic and financial situation, is also facing a "special" security situation with the threats posed along its border.

"Preserving security and stability is not the responsibility of the army and security institutions alone, as it must be among everybody's priorities to give a concrete expression to future strategies in different areas."

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