Thursday 26 April 2018

Angola: Govt Told to Review Policies On IT Use to Improve Cloud Platforms

Angola: Govt Told to Review Policies On IT Use to Improve Cloud Platforms
(Angola Press(En) 03/15/17)

Microsoft encourages governments to review the regulatory policies for the use of information technology as needed to improve the utilization of their cloud platforms.

This positioning of the multinational was presented on Tuesday in Luanda by the director of marketing and operations of Microsoft Africa, Natasha Matos-Hemeningway, at the end of the Microsoft Cloud Forum, destined for entrepreneurs of different segments in Angola.

According to Natasha Matos-Hemeningway, the improvement in the use of cloud platforms enables the latest features and services to be offered to citizens at an affordable price at all budgets.

Cloud computing can boost economies, create jobs and promote innovation, besides it fosters greater social inclusion and raises the people's living standards by the low price of sale", she said.

She said that to enable the economic growth and social benefits of cloud computing, governments and industries must work together, as they did in the past in the promotion of innovation-driven growth eras.

Natasha Matos-Hemingway pointed out that this technology has the potential to generate jobs through local innovation, reducing the costs of ongoing maintenance of infrastructures and data storage applications.

"The cloud offers developed and developing countries a wide range of benefits, as well as creating jobs through innovation, cost reduction, democratization of computing and social inclusion, greater agility and security", she said.

In the meeting, the participants addressed questions about the legal and regulatory framework of Angola and the Cloud as the engine of digital transformation in companies, with a view to developing business and strategy growth and exchanging impressions among investors.

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