Thursday 26 April 2018

Angola: UNHCR Reaffirms Support for Refugees From DRC

Angola: UNHCR Reaffirms Support for Refugees From DRC
(Angola Press(En) 06/27/17)

Luanda — The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Monday in Luanda reaffirmed through its representative to Angola, Pierrine Aylara, the support to the refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), based in nortern Lunda Norte province.

Pierrine Aylara, who was speaking at a meeting with Angolan authorities, UN representatives, specialized agencies and diplomatic corps accredited in the country, said that the work will continue in collaboration with the Angolan authorities, as it has been so far.

At the meeting aimed at seeking international support for refugees from DRC, the representative of UNHCR in Angola, stressed the fact that the Angolan government and people responded with hospitality to the situation of the displaced people of the Kassai (DRC), offering protection and international security.

The UN official said that "Angola has shown exceptional hospitality, solidarity and generosity".

He also said that UNHCR remains concerned about internal displacement within the Kassai region (DRC), estimated at 1.3 million displaced persons, which could increase as security conditions in the region deteriorate.

There are currently 31.329 Congolese citizens in the Lunda Norte (Cacanda and Mssungue) refugee camps, of whom 9,000 are male, 816, 716 women and 13, 308 children, many of whom are affected by Diseases.

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