Tuesday 24 April 2018

Filipe Mukenga Hails Exchange Between Angolan and Brazilian Musicians

Filipe Mukenga Hails Exchange Between Angolan and Brazilian Musicians
(Angola Press(En) 06/01/17)
The Angolan musician, Filipe Mukenga

The Angolan musician, Filipe Mukenga, on Wednesday in Luanda considered the exchange between national and Brazilian musicians an opportunity to increase cultural relations between the two countries.

Speaking at a press conference moments after the launch of the cultural project "Serenatas a Kianda", the musician said that participation in this event will allow the two peoples to exchange experience in music and dance.

According to him, this type of initiative enhances the national culture and will allow countries like Brazil to learn about Angolan music.

On his turn, the Brazilian singer Jorge Vercillo hopes that his presence in the country may serve to better know the Angolan music, intending to sing some songs in national languages.

The artist acknowledges that Angola and Brazil have many common points, such as culture seen as one of the aspects that should be explored for the enrichment of the music of the two peoples.

The coordinator of the Serenatas a Kianda project, Figueira Ginga, announced that the objective of the event is to honor the city of Luanda.

The official explained that the show is close to the concept of a serenade, privileging the use of acoustic instruments and essentially with voice, guitar and percussion, creating an intimate and close proximity to the public.

The Serenatas a Kianda show is scheduled for 3-4 June at Casa 70 venue.

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