Thursday 19 April 2018

Huambo: Provincial governor open to dialogue

Huambo: Provincial governor open to dialogue
(Angola Press(En) 10/03/16)

Huambo - The governor of the central Huambo province, João Baptista Kussumua, said on Saturday to be open to honest, solidarity and complementary dialogue with the living forces of the local society during his term, aiming to solve the main problems afflicting the population.

Speaking at the meeting of his presentation to the university community of the province, the official stated that the intention is part of the purposes of constituting a cohesive and participatory government with the involvement of various social stakeholders.

According to him, this is his intention as he believes that the combination of ideas through dialogue allows better management of expectations and opportunities in achieving the economic, political, social and cultural development desired in the province.

The consolidation of unity among citizens, of democracy, respect for human rights and the affirmation of citizenship, are other objectives that the governor hopes to accomplish when looking to maintain interaction with government, political, private institutions, social organizations and the population in general.

The official expressed his satisfaction at the warm and loving way he was received by students and teachers, stressing the intention of strengthening and maintaining this mutual trust with members of society to gather a common will.

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