Saturday 21 April 2018

Paris cancels Congolese gig after anti-Kabila protests

Paris cancels Congolese gig after anti-Kabila protests
(RFI(EN) 07/17/17)

French police cancelled a concert by a Congolese singer on Saturday after violent protests around the venue by opponents of Democratic Republic of Congo president Joseph Kabila.

Paris's police service said they had called off the event after "unacceptable" overcrowding by demonstrators around the Olympia music venue ahead of a planned performance by Heritier Watanabe - who is viewed as being close to Kabila.

Three people were arrested after a car was set on fire on a street near the venue, according to a police statement.

Authorities had earlier banned protesters from gathering due to a "risk of upsetting public order."

A lawyer for the venue told AFP that they had asked police to call off the concert "due to the difficult political context in DR Congo".

Several Congolese artists, including Watanabe, are frequently accused by opponents of Kabila of being close to his regime, having sung on the trail of his 2006 and 2011 election campaigns.

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