Saturday 24 March 2018

Zimbabwe yearns for change of any kind

Zimbabwe yearns for change of any kind
(BBC News Africa 11/17/17)

Driving around Zimbabwe, one can hardly tell the country is in the middle of the biggest political crisis since independence.
In one town, a man in his 20s invites me to his shop and tries to convince me to buy a silver necklace. "It costs $20 [£15]," he says. "But for you I can make that $15."
He offers the discount rather half-heartedly.
"You see, people don't want to spend money on thing like these; the economy is really doing badly."
The once-promising African country has sunk into an economic abyss.
The government was forced to abolish the country's currency in 2009 because of hyperinflation, and introduced more stable foreign currencies such as the US dollar.
Annual inflation reached 231 million per cent in central bank figures reported in July 2008 - officials gave up reporting monthly statistics when it peaked at just under 80 billion per cent in mid-November 2008.
On Wednesday this week, the government published the latest inflation rate showing a 2.24% year-on-year rise for the month of October. Some economists, however, say the new figures are a gross underestimate.
It is no surprise then that many Zimbabweans almost instantly warmed to the military's move to take control of the country, and confine President Robert Mugabe to his official residence.

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