Wednesday 21 February 2018

Benin constitutional court upholds right to strike

Benin constitutional court upholds right to strike
(AFP (eng) 01/19/18)

A proposed law to ban public-sector workers in Benin from going on strike has been declared unconstitutional, after three days of protests.

The constitutional court said the proposed law was "non-compliant with the constitution", a source at the institution told AFP late Thursday.

"(The court) wants lawmakers to legislate to protect the right to strike rather than ban it," the source added on condition of anonymity.

The court has to officially inform President Patrice Talon of the decision. That is likely to take place next week, the source said.

Benin's parliament last month approved the controversial law to prevent the military, police, health and court service workers from going on strike.

Talon has said it was part of the "tough" measures that needed to be taken to improve the country's economy.

But public-sector unions this week held a three-day strike that saw courts, schools and hospitals virtually grind to a halt.

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