Friday 23 March 2018

Eleven-year-old 'gifted' child in Benin passes baccalaureate

Eleven-year-old 'gifted' child in Benin passes baccalaureate
(APA 07/24/17)

Nicoue Peace Delaly, an 11-year-old child who is being called "gifted", and who was given permission to sit to the baccalaureate, has passed the high school leaving examination, according to the country’s Office of Baccalaureate.

The published results on Friday in Cotonou showed Delaly obtained his high school diploma with an average grade of 10.64 out of 20.

After obtaining his BFEM (junior high school certificate) at the age of nine, Nicoue skipped the first year of senior high school, and at age 11 was in his final year.

He was first refused taking the baccalaureate on the grounds of his young age, a decision which prompted his parents to refer his case to the president of Benin, Patrice Talon, allowed Nicoue to take and eventually pass the examination, which has opened the door to higher education for the ‘gifted’ boy.

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