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Botswana: Masisi Applauds Innovation

Botswana: Masisi Applauds Innovation
(Botswana Daily News 08/02/17)
The Vice President, Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi

Letlhakeng — The Vice President, Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi has hailed Batswana for their innovation, citing solar-powered lights which he said were designed at the then Rural Industries Innovation Centre in Kanye as a first in the history of the country.

Speaking at a political rally at Maboane to welcome new members to the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) on Saturday, Mr Masisi said that the solar-powered lights would be patented to prevent foreign companies claiming the idea.

He said plans were underway to mass produce and use them across the country, which would help address power shortage and reduce expenditure on power.

Mr Masisi also said this innovation was the beginning of good things to come from the country. He also said the BDP had no peer in Africa in as far as people-centred initiatives were concerned and that should it lose power, then Batswana would be doomed.

He urged members to build the party on trust, saying differences would always exist in a democratic setting, but the most important thing was to discuss them amicably and reach a mutual understanding.

Mr Masisi also appreciated members of the BDP in the Takatokwane constituency for their hard work in recruiting new members to the party.

He said for the area to welcome such a high number of new members meant it was working hard on its recruitment drive, and that the new members also came to the BDP on realisation of its good governance.

"Opposition parties have a tendency of denying even stark evidence and always make false promises to people. So we are happy that now people are realising they have been fooled for a long time and are coming to the BDP," he said.

Mr Masisi also accused the opposition of using unorthodox strategies in seeking power, and said they did not deserve to be given a chance at ruling.

He said the current conflict such as at the Botswana Movement for Democracy was self-afflicted and that it was a pity that they now wanted to turn around and place the blame on innocent people.

Mr Masisi also urged BDP members to work hard to ensure the party retained power in the next elections.

He also advised them to desist from holding grudges after losing in Bulela Ditswe elections, something he said hindered members from giving their all to the party.

A member of the Political Education and Electoral Committee, Mr Chomi Letlole urged Batswana to join the BDP as it was better than all other parties and had a good track record, adding that the new members who have joined the BDP have made a good choice.

Mr Letlole also urged party members to work hard and protect the image and reputation of the party and also work hard to ensure the Maboane-Ditshegwane ward goes to the ruling party in the next general elections.

For his part, the Member of Parliament for Takatokwane, Mr Ngaka Ngaka said BDP doors were always open to members from other parties who failed to find peace and future at their parties and want to join it.

He advised BDP members in his constituency not to rest in their recruitment drive and said their active recruitment for new members has been inspired by the Vice President who has been active in recruiting new members.

He said the fact that the majority of those who were welcomed were the youth pours water on the oppositions' claim that BDP was for the aged. In his welcome remarks, the Takatokwane Constituency branch chairperson, Mr Bonkemetse Ngaka stressed the need of participation by party elders in party activities, saying their wisdom would help quell any disputes by members.

He also said their constituency was broad, which posed a challenge in as far as management was concerned.

The party welcomed a total of 74 members.

By Olekantse Sennamose

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