Thursday 22 March 2018

Ministry tasks department with unique design for A3

Ministry tasks department with unique design for A3
(Botswana Daily News 08/01/17)
Ministry tasks department with unique design for A3

Following inspection of A3 road which Covers Francistown/Nata and Nata/Maun by the Minister of Transport and Communication, the Department of Road has been tasked to come up with a unique design for its refurbishment and reconstruction.
During the inspection tour Thursday, Minister Kitso Mokaila said the ministry was currently working on maintaining areas that were ‘excessively’ damaged, in particular at Mathangwane village and Nata area.
He said although maintenance would be done as a temporary measure since government took a stance to reconstruct the road, the ministry was working on something which would be cost effective considering that it was going to take time for the road to be done completely.

“Our aim is to give the road a life while we are working on the process of reconstructing the entire road,” he said.
Minister Mokaila highlighted that there was a team of road engineers on site, along the A3 road testing the status of its base through a troxler machine.
He said the decision on whether to start off by reconstruction particularly areas extremely damaged or re-seal some parts while awaiting the real construction project would be informed by the report.
Should the report indicate that the base was completely damaged and could not withstand the load of traffic, Minister Mokaila said the ministry would resolve to move to reconstruction. ENDS

Goitsemodimo Williams

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