Thursday 19 April 2018

Angola: Burundi Seeks Angolan Parliament's Support

Angola: Burundi Seeks Angolan Parliament's Support
(Angola Press(En) 12/04/15)

The Parliament of Burundi last Wednesday requested that the Speaker of the Angolan National Assembly, being the future head of the Parliamentary Forum of the International Conference on the Great lakes Region (ICGLR), to intervene for the keeping of the organisation's executive secretariat in Burundian territory.

The request was made last Wednesday, in Luanda, by the Burundian Parliament Speaker, Pascal Nyabenda, at an audience with his Angolan counterpart, Fernando das Piedade Dias dos Santos, on the fringes of the Sixth Ordinary Session of the General Assembly of the ICGLR Parliamentary Forum.

"We discussed the matter of moving the executive secretariat from my country to Zambia, and we requested the Speaker (of the Angolan Parliament) for it stay in Burundi, since he is the head of the Forum", Pascal Nyabenda explained.

He further informed that during the audience he thanked the support of Angola, at the United Nations Security Council, at a recent session in which it was approved some resolutions on Burundi.

The Burundian Parliament Speaker also revealed that he requested the support of Angola, which is to take over the presidency of the ICGLR Parliamentary Forum on Thursday, to send a delegation to monitor the dialogue process that will take place in his country.

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