Monday 19 March 2018

Police arrest 26 insurgents, seize arms in S. Burundi

Police arrest 26 insurgents, seize arms in S. Burundi
(Xinhuanet 06/16/16)

Twenty-six insurgents were arrested and weapons seized in Burundi's southern region at the expiry of the ultimatum set by President Pierre Nkurunziza on June 1, police said Wednesday.

"As the 15 day-ultimatum given by president to insurgents to surrender to security forces has ended, 26 criminals were arrested in four districts. Four criminals surrendered to security forces and handed over one gun," said Burundian Police Spokesman Pierre Nkurikiye during a press conference.

"Six guns of the Kalashnikov type and one grenade were also seized," he added.

According to him, the Burundian president's ultimatum targeted six districts in the country's south, namely, Mugamba, Mukike, Matana, Burambi, Rumonge and Gisozi.

He said that two of the 26 were released on bail as they were children aged less than 15 years -- an age under which people cannot be jailed according to the Burundian laws.

"We have identified other insurgents who still intimidate citizens in some localities of the six districts. We are tracking them and we will arrest them," said Nkurikiye.

During his visit in Mugamba district on June 1, President Nkurunziza gave 15 days to armed groups in remaining insecure areas in the country's south to surrender to security forces.

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