Friday 23 February 2018

Cameroon to build CFA5-bln slaughter north of country

Cameroon to build CFA5-bln slaughter north of country
(APA 08/09/17)

APA-Douala (Cameroon) - The construction of an industrial and refrigerated slaughterhouse in Cameroon’s northern town of Ngaoundere will require an investment of five billion CFA francs, the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industry (MINEPIA) said on Tuesday.

The construction of the facility, which is part of the government’s 2015 Triennial Contingency Plan (PLANUT), is expected to effectively meet the demand in a region considered as the country’s main livestock provider.
With a capacity of 1400 square meters, the infrastructure can handle 250 animals per day. Equipped with a conservation component, the industrial and refrigerated slaughterhouse paves the way for the industrialization of the bovine sector, and has a mechanism for the marketing of all the parts of slaughtered animals.

In addition to carcasses, legs, heads and guts destined for consumption, the blood collected will be crystallized and used as raw material for the production of animal feed, while the dung will be used as biogas and the hides sent to the tannery.

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