Wednesday 18 April 2018

Cameroon impounds 114 elephant tusks

Cameroon impounds 114 elephant tusks
(APA 03/16/17)
Cameroon impounds 114 elephant tusks

A stockpile of 114 elephant tusks weighing over 300 kg has been impounded by the Bertoua customs authorities in eastern Cameroon close to the border with the Central African Republic and Congo, sources said Thursday.

The stockpile, equivalent to 57 slaughtered elephants, suggests that despite measures by the authorities, including the deployment of the army in the main parks, poaching on protected species is still a problem.

At the current price of ivory on the international market, estimated value of the contraband tusks is CFA 270 million, according to Custom officials and those of the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife.

According to sources close to the investigation, the two smugglers arrested had carefully concealed their contraband in a bush-taxi.

They allegedly claimed that the seized tusks emanated from both Cameroon and northern Congo.

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