Sunday 18 February 2018

Artists Encourage Ivorians Not to Give In to Fear


Ivorian musicians have released a new song in the wake of the March 13 terror attack at Grand-Bassam beach. The video for "Meme Pas Peur" ("Not Even Scared") was recorded on the same sands where terrorist gunmen killed 19 people and wounded dozens more.

The message of the upbeat dance song is that Ivorians will not bow to terrorism.

"In Ivory Coast, we are standing up, not even scared," the artists sing, addressing the attackers of Grand-Bassam.

Chico Lacoste, the song's producer, said he wondered what he could do in response to the attack.

"What do we have to fight these bandits? We have a microphone," he said. "So we decided to release a song to tell people to not be scared of these barbarians. We have to keep on living."

For the 11 artists who answered Lacoste’s call and formed the Collectif Bassam, or Bassam Collective, it was a no-brainer.