Wednesday 25 April 2018

Angola: Government's Economic Team Analyse Sectorial Programmes

Angola: Government's Economic Team Analyse Sectorial Programmes
(Angola Press(En) 05/13/16)

The Ninth Joint Ordinary Session of the Economic Commission and the Real Economy Commission, both of the Cabinet Council, last Thursday in Luanda analysed the degree of implementation of specific sectorial programmes in areas like agriculture, fisheries and industry.

The meeting, discussed ways to overcome the constraints faced by entrepreneurs with a view to recovering the production indexes of commodity goods, mainly basic foodstuffs, reads a press note distributed in the end of the gathering, which was chaired by the Angolan Head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos.

The mentioned commissions were also informed about the pace in the implementation of the restructuring programme of the Kassinga Metallurgy Project, in its various facets.

In the domain of the fiscal, monetary and exchange policies it was analysed the report on the progress of the 2015 State's General Account and the Inventory of Public Assets.

The meeting also analysed the assessment report on the execution of the State's General Budget, the assessment report of the Executive Macroeconomic Programming for the first quarter of the present year, as well as the Cash Flow Plan for the month of April.

Among other portfolios, the joint economic commissions finally learnt about the process of admission of new staffs in the sectors of Health, Higher Education and General Education.

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