Wednesday 25 April 2018

Angola: Minister Defends Investments in Telecommunications Sector

Angola: Minister Defends Investments in Telecommunications Sector
(Angola Press(En) 05/18/16)

The minister of Telecommunication and Information Technologies, José Carvalho da Rocha, urged on Tuesday in Luanda the entrepreneurs to invest in the sector, taking into account the business opportunities and diversification of the economy.

The official said so to the press during the workshop on World Telecommunications and Information Society Day, marked on Tuesday.

He stated that the sector is growing and indicators are the number of users in the country.

According to him, the theme for this year launched by the International Telecommunication Union is "ICT entrepreneurship for social impact", reason why the ministry considered it necessary to promote this practice in citizen, starting with the academic world.

According to the official, the difficulties faced by the common sense is taken as challenge by the ministry so as to empower the human capital of the sector, take more and better services to the population and improve or build more infrastructures nationwide.

These challenges, he added, should be considered by all as business opportunities taking advantage of the existing and complementary infrastructures, such as Angosat 1, where each one can undertake and quickly extend the services to the most remote parts of the country.

To him, the areas of investment in the sector are vast. "Just see that today the post offices in Angola are authentic shops with many services available for the communities".

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