Saturday 21 April 2018

Malanje: Minister enhances re-launch cotton production

Malanje: Minister enhances re-launch cotton production
(Angola Press(En) 10/03/16)

Quela - Minister of Agriculture Marcos Alexandre Nhunga defended Monday the re-launch of cotton production in the Lower Cassanje region, northern Malanje province, aimed at reviving the cotton production chain and boost economic growth.

The minister was speaking at the opening ceremony of the First Round Table on re-launch cotton production in Cassanje region, held in Quela locality, Malanjge province.

Marcos Nhunga said that the resumption of cotton production in the region will have a positive impact on economic and social situation of the inhabitants of the region.

It is possible to make the cotton one of the industrial crops of greater enhancement of the country, said the minister.

The minister defended increased investment in the value chain so that what he called "white gold" again take its place in the province.

He said that the country moved from exporter to importer of cotton fiber and by-products with a view to meeting the internal needs of the textile industry, oil and animal feed.

In order to overcome this situation, the official said, it was essential to work on institutional organisation, mobilisation of farmers and entrepreneurs, setting a minimum price of reference for the future sale of cotton and the creation of financial and tax incentives to encourage the cultivation of cotton.

In the field of processing, the incumbent minister said that the Angolan government has made an investment in the rehabilitation of three major textile mills, including Textang II, Africa Textile and Satec, which, according to him, will consume 20,000 tons of cotton fiber a year.

Under the initiative of Provincial Government of Malanje and sponsored by Civil Affairs Office of President, the meeting aims to gather contributions to provide greater sustainability and subsequent feasibility study for the implementation of the project in the Cassange Lower region.

The meeting gathers provincial governor of Malanje, Norberto Fernandes dos Santos “Kwata Kanawa”, Minister of Industry, Bernarda Martins, State Secretary for Economy, Laura Alcântara Monteiro and special envoy of British premier, Baroness Lindsay Northover.

The round table also gathers 100 entrepreneurs amongst Angolans, foreigners, local farmers, chieftains and Brazilian experts.

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