Saturday 17 March 2018

Egypt denounces Human Rights Watch report as fabricated, politicized

Egypt denounces Human Rights Watch report as fabricated, politicized
(Xinhuanet 09/12/17)
Egypt denounces Human Rights Watch report as fabricated, politicized

Egyptian officials and human rights experts on Monday strongly denounced the Human Right Watch (HRW) for trying to damage Egypt's security and stability by issuing a fabricated politically-motivated report.

Responding to a recent HRW report on Egypt that charged Cairo for violating human rights in its anti-terrorism war, Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister for Human Rights Laila Bahaaeddin said the report's claims about torture in Egypt is "misleading and politicized."
In a meeting held by the parliament's human rights committee to probe the HRW report, Bahaaeddin pointed out that the report provided a political introduction and contained fake names.

Egypt should respond to the HRW attack on all levels and take parallel moves on the media level particularly, Bahaaeddin was quoted by the Egyptian official Middle East News Agency (MENA) as saying.

He called for continuing to highlight Egypt's achievements as the best way to respond to such report and other similar reports.
Meanwhile, at a seminar hosted Monday by the MENA, Egyptian human rights experts also slammed the HRW report as "fabricated and politicized."
They noted that the report failed to mention achievements of Egypt in the field of human rights and in its anti-terrorism war, while ignoring the legislative and economic reforms in the country.

Aly Hassan, MENA board chairman and editor-in-chief, said all HRW reports on Egypt are "fabricated political reports that contain no material evidence."
He blasted certain parties for seeking to maintain chaos and foment tension in the Arab world by using such report "as a way of getting back at Egypt for its independent national will and efforts to fight terrorism and bring stability to the region."

Hassan cited reports by other human rights organizations that clearly stated that there was no torture cases in Egypt, whether inside or outside prisons.
He accused the HRW of "losing its senses and impartiality", and deviating from its mission to protect human rights.
It has become a tool in the hands of terrorists, including Qatar's Abdel Rahman al Naemi, who serves as an advisor at the rights watchdog, Hassan said.
Nasr Salem, professor of strategy at Nasser Military Academy, said the HRW did not present any evidence on its claims against Egypt, noting that there are members in such organization who are known for their animosity towards Egypt.

He noted that the HRW report came at a time when Egypt made economic achievements and after the positive outcome of President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi's participation in the BRICS summit held in China last week, which praised Egypt's reforms and its vast investment potentials.
Salem said that Egypt is targeted by regional and international parties which have been planning to damage the country similar to what happened in Libya, Syria and Yemen.

He added that the parties' objective is to maintain Israel's hegemony over the region through tearing apart the Arab countries.
Alaa Shalaby, secretary general of Arab Organization for Human Rights, hailed the "notable progress" achieved by Egypt as the government took measures against torture in the past years.
It is unfair not to mention such tangible progress in the field of human rights, Shalaby said, citing a number of strict judicial rulings issued against torture perpetrators in Egypt.

Shalaby also lauded the "outstanding progress" achieved in securing civil and political freedoms in Egypt, while calling for introducing legislative amendments and firm accountability mechanisms as a response to the HRW charges.

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