Friday 20 April 2018

Mozambique leader unveils $110m power plant

Mozambique leader unveils $110m power plant
(APA 07/17/17)
Mozambique leader unveils $110m power plant

Mozambique’s presidfent Filipe Nyusi has launched a new $110 million gas fired power plant station in Macarretane in the southern province of Gaza, APA can report on Monday.

According to local media report, the Kuvaninga power project, which was launched on Saturday, is a public private partnership composed of Mozambican investors, with technical and financial assistance from South African partners and its construction commenced in 2014.

Kuvaninga will supply 40 megawatts of electricity to the southern grid which is run by the publicly owned electricity company EDM. The gas comes from the Temane field in Inhambane province, operated by the South African petrochemical giant Sasol.

For EDM, the Kuvaninga project comes as a lifeline to rescue it from major financial difficulties, since it would greatly increase EDM’s revenue, and relieve it of its current need to import electricity from

the South African company Eskom.

Currently EDM invoices its clients for about half a billion dollars a year and it hopes to increase revenue to a billion dollars or more a year by adding a further 40 megawatts.

At rallies held by President Nyusi during his visit to Gaza province at the weekend, one of the main issues raised was the need for access to electricity.

President Nyusi has emphasised that the new power plant will also have a positive impact in neighbouring Inhambane, which suffers from frequent power cuts due to the increased consumption of electricity over recent years.

At a rally in Chongoene late on Sunday, President Nyusi said that various projects are in the pipeline which will increase the electricity supply even further. This will include the Mapai power plant in northern Gaza.

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