Saturday 17 February 2018

Ethiopia detains 48 people over corruption

Ethiopia detains 48 people over corruption
(APA 08/03/17)
Ethiopia detains 48 people over corruption

The number of government officials, businesspersons and brokers detained on suspicion of corruption in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa has hit 48, reports said on Thursday.

Meanwhile, three others detained last Tuesday on suspicion of corruption appear before the country’s Federal High Court on Thursday.

The suspects are Brigadier General Ephrem Bangie, Yosef Begashaw former general manager of Tendaho Sugar Factory and Kassaye Kachi, materials supply team leader of the Ethiopian Roads Construction Corporation.

They were taken into custody three days ago for alleged embezzlement of a total of $12million.

The suspects were working in the ministry of Finance and Economic and International Cooperation, Addis Ababa housing development project, Ethiopian and Addis Ababa Roads Authorities and Ethiopian Sugar Corporation.

The other 42 suspects were arrested for alleged embezzlement of over $58 million from the Federal Roads Authority, more than $51 million from Ethiopian Sugar Corporation, $47 million from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation and over $1.7 million from Addis Ababa housing development project office.

The country’s attorney general Getachew Ambaye over the weekend said the government will continue hunting down those corrupts across the country as part of its deep reform it is going through.

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