Thursday 26 April 2018

Top news items in Ethiopia's major media outlets

Top news items in Ethiopia's major media outlets
(Xinhuanet 07/12/17)

The following are news highlights in Ethiopia's major media outlets on Wednesday.
-- The government (of Ethiopia) will further intensify its efforts to bring back undocumented citizens living in Saudi Arabia safely, according to Ethiopia's Embassy in Riyadh.
This was disclosed in a report the embassy presented on the activities it has been carrying out to return citizens from Saudi Arabia to development association leaders and volunteers. (Ethiopian News Agency/ENA)
-- Coffee export has earned Ethiopia 866 million U.S. dollars in the just concluded fiscal year, according to the Ethiopian Herald. (Fana Broadcasting Corporate/FBC)

-- Ethiopian President Mulatu Teshome has asked the outgoing Swedish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Jan Sadek, to encourage his country's businesspersons to invest in agriculture and education sectors.
The Swedish ambassador bid farewell Tuesday to the president at the National Palace. (Ethiopian News Agency/ENA)
-- Britian's Department for International Development announced 90 million pounds of support for family planning in Ethiopia. (Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation/EBC)

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