Wednesday 18 April 2018

Ghanaian press focuses on order to recover stolen money, others

Ghanaian press focuses on order to recover stolen money, others
(APA 06/15/17)

The order given by the Supreme Court to the Auditor General to retrieve all state monies looted by public and private officials dominates the headlines of Ghanaian newspapers on Thursday.

The Daily Graphic says a judgment delivered in Accra on Wednesday by a seven-member panel said the order is to be enforced on both public officials and individuals, who have been found to have looted the state.

The Heritage newspaper reports that the Supreme Court reached the decision after a pressure group, Occupy Ghana, instituted legal action against the Auditor General, seeking an order to compel his office to report on financial malpractice and take legal steps to retrieve them.

The Searchlight states that looters of the state are in trouble as the Auditor General has been given the mandate to retrieve all looted state cash.

The Ghanaian focus on the shooting down of a suspected police murderer, adding that four other suspects have been arrested with sophisticated weapons.

The suspect, Adam Alhassan, 33, also known as Dogo America, was shot on Tuesday night when the police had information of their hideout.

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