Saturday 24 February 2018

Death toll from Guinea town riot climbs

Death toll from Guinea town riot climbs
(APA 09/18/17)

APA - Conakry (Guinea) - Electricity supply has resumed in some districts of Boke, a mining town in Guinea, where two days of clashes between the police and demonstrators left two people dead and 78 others wounded.

There was serious material damage.

According to hospital sources, among the 78 injured are seven police officers and 14 gendarmes, and ten young protesters who were shot.

However, government officials put the number of dead at two, 40 wounded and many buildings, vehicles and equipment shattered.

The headquarters of the local gendarmerie and the premises of the ruling party were vandalized while a private hotel was also attacked and looted.

During the first crisis last April over the same grievance, in which three were killed, youth of Boke had taken to the streets to demand power supply for their homes.

They had the support of women wearing red attires.

Police and gendarmes were deployed to the city to restore order but their intervention sparked four days of clashes with young protesters.

As a result, travellers from nearby prefectures or neighbouring countries, such as Senegal and Guinea-Bissau were stopped at the gates to the city.

In a statement issued on Friday in Conakry, the Guinean opposition vehemently condemned the method and means used to maintain law and order and demanded an immediate judicial inquiry into the circumstances of the death of civilians.

For their part, the authorities say that efforts are underway to resume regular electricity supply to homes in the town.

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