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Monday 06 July 2015
(The Guardian 07/06/15)
Liberia’s new outbreak could be repeated in ‘mini flare-ups’ around Africa, says the UN’s David Nabarro, but a calm response is needed. The new Ebola outbreak in Liberia last week was not unexpected, and more like it may occur, according to the UN special envoy on Ebola, Dr David Nabarro. The 17-year-old whose death signalled the outbreak in Liberia may have come into contact with an infected animal or picked up the virus from a person in whom it had lingered beyond the 21-day quarantine period, experts believe. Two more people from the teenager’s village have fallen ill since the boy’s death last Sunday, but although the new cases have dismayed the government, population and...
(The Associated Press 07/06/15)
The mood in the border town of Metema these days is quiet and watchful. Dozens of houses on the hot, dusty main road that stretches from Ethiopia into Sudan look like they have been hastily closed. Guards grimly patrol the border, stopping anyone who looks like an illegal migrant. The nightclubs and bars are emptier than usual, although they still attract Sudanese who are not allowed to drink alcohol in their own country under Shariah law. Metema, with about 100,000 people, is one of a handful of towns across the region that serve as feeders for a booming trade in migrants from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan, many hoping to make their way to Europe. Life here is now a...
(Washington Post 07/04/15)
Should the West fear China’s growing influence on the African continent? While there is no question that China and Chinese companies are changing the way African politicians seek aid and investment, the relationship between the two sides is far more complicated than simple narratives about “democracy or dictatorship” or “trade not aid” suggest. Veteran journalist Howard W. French explores this complexity in his book, “China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants are Building a New Empire in Africa.” He graciously...
(Spy Ghana 07/03/15)
Veolia has won a four-year performance contract for a value of EUR11.3 Million to provide electricity management services to Electricité de Guinée (EDG). This contract, awarded to Veolia through its subsidiary Veolia Africa, follows the Guinea Conakry’s government strategy to support the recovery of the electricity market through an ambitious modernization plan launched in 2012. Within the framework of this contract, Veolia will improve the management of facilities, the efficiency of the energy distribution network and the expansion of the...
(The Christian Science Monitor 07/03/15)
Liberia, which had been declared Ebola-free, has responded quickly, but the setback has dealt a blow to Sierra Leone and Guinea, which have looked to Liberia for how best to confront the outbreak. For Haja Koroma, the Ebola news coming out of neighboring Liberia is worrisome. The Kenema City-based nurse was just getting comfortable with the idea that her town had been virus-free for more than 100 days — and could stay that way. Schools reopened in March and employment...
(Tanzania Daily News 07/03/15)
Kibaha — A biolarvicide plant, the first of its kind in Africa, was launched here amid hopes that the country was on the right track towards winning the war against the deadly malaria. President Jakaya Kikwete and visiting Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn inaugurated the plant that will produce environmental friendly biolarvicides to destroy mosquito larvae in the breading area, without any negative effect on humans and animals. President Kikwete reiterated the country's zero- tolerance against malaria, saying he will leave office in October a happiest man, having been assured that Tanzanians are safe as far as malaria was concerned.
(Caj News Africa 07/03/15)
Johannesburg — A number of countries that won their opening matches for the CAF 2017 African Nations Championship (CHAN) are tipped to progress to the next stage while others face an uphill task. Among the highlights of the preliminary rounds is an East African Derby pitting Kenya and Ethiopia with the former expected to sail through after an impressive 2-0 away win in Addis Ababa in the first leg two weeks ago. Down south, Bafana Bafana , as South Africa...
(RFI(EN) 07/02/15)
Trade is the focus of a three-day visit to France that Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang started on Tuesday. Beyond deals with French companies, China and France are expected to sign an agreement on joint infrastructure projects in Asia and Africa. "China is becoming aware that the situation is more complicated than it initially seemed in Africa, and it is realising that it has a lot to learn from countries that have experience on the continent," Alice Ekman, of the French Institute for Foreign Relations (IFRI), told RFI.
(The New Times 07/01/15)
Africa's high growth in the past decade has created only a few jobs and the continent's share of exports in international trade has reduced from 5.9 per cent in 1980 to 3.3 per cent in 2013, the 2015 Economic Report on Africa (ERA) says. The report, launched in Kigali, yesterday, says employment in Africa grew at an annual average of 2.9 per cent from 1991 to 2012, and although comparatively higher than other regions such as Latin America, it's not enough considering that Africa also has the highest population growth rates in the world.
(African arguments 07/01/15)
Of the numerous concepts which have influenced Black Africa since the wave of independence in the 1960s, pan-Africanism is, after democracy, probably the most popular. Paradoxically, the continent remains the least integrated in the world and continues to experience outbreaks of xenophobic violence. Historically, the first pan-African movement, founded in the late 19th century, was a search for a common identity: 'pan-Negrism'. The aim was to unite black people across the world in order to fight slavery and colonialism. Pioneers...
(Ips News 06/30/15)
Berlin — In a major paradigm shift, the German government is now placing its bets on digitalisation for its development cooperation policy with Africa, under what it calls a Strategic Partnership for a 'Digital Africa'. According to the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), "through a new strategic partnership in the field of information and communication technology (ICT), German development cooperation will be joining forces with the private sector to support the development and sustainable management of Digital Africa's potential."
(Voice of America 06/29/15)
FORECARIAH, GUINEA— Guinea authorities have implemented a quarantine this week aimed at finally ending the spread of Ebola in the country's coastal region, the one area where the virus continues to claim lives. Three towns were quarantined in the Forecariah district, where the Ebola outbreak has persisted for more than a year. Mohamed Camara, who's coordinating Forecariah's fight against Ebola, said the quarantine was implemented after residents of Dixinn Bouramaya, Kolota and Tamaranci voluntarily agreed to stay at home for 21 days.
(APA 06/29/15)
Saudi Arabia will reopen its diplomatic representation in Guinea, six months after its closure due to the Ebola outbreak, the Guinean minister of International Cooperation, Dr. Sanoh Koutoub confirmed Monday. According to the Guinean official, the new ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who has already been accredited by the Saudi King, is expected in Conakry after the end of Ramadan. According to Dr. Koutoub, the return of the Saudi representation has a double meaning including on the one...
(Bloomberg 06/29/15)
North America has a population of about 500 million, and two-fifths of them are on Facebook. In Africa, with more than 1 billion people, just 120 million use the social network. That’s an opportunity Facebook Inc. can’t ignore, though the region poses challenges unlike those the company has faced in more developed markets. To spur growth on the continent, Facebook next month is opening an office in an affluent suburb of Johannesburg. The office will be headed by Nunu Ntshingila, 51, chairman of WPP Plc’s Ogilvy & Mather agency in South Africa, who will oversee Facebook’s business in the region.
(Bloomberg 06/29/15)
U.S. intelligence agencies are considering whether to provide information, analysis and possibly tactical lessons to African governments about how to attack wildlife poaching networks, according to a top official. “We are looking for opportunities” where “we can contribute,” Terrance Ford, the national intelligence manager for Africa in the office of Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, said in an interview last week. “We haven’t settled on” the next opportunity, but “it’s an issue of where we can make a difference,”...
(News Day 06/27/15)
President Robert Mugabe’s call for Africa to immediately withdraw from The Hague-based International Criminal Court has put him under the spot on whether his African Union (AU) chairmanship would be of any value to Africa. For a continent plagued with problems of all sorts, ranging from hunger to civil wars, Mugabe’s 35-year-experience as the Zimbabwean leader was expected to bring value to the 54-member block.
(Voice of America 06/26/15)
A new report said critical decisions by African leaders helped turn the tide in West Africa’s Ebola outbreak. The Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative, or AGI, said there is no substitute for political leadership. Writing in the AGI report, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said, “It’s critical for people of the Ebola-affected countries to have a stake in their own futures.” She added that governments should “steer the course,” but everyone must take a “turn to row.” Dan Hymowitz is...
(Voice of America 06/26/15)
JOHANNESBURG— Start-ups in Africa often complain about banks being unwilling to lend. In the absence of loans, small businesses often fund themselves through savings and capital from friends and family. But crowdfunding platforms are increasingly bridging the finance gap and offering start-ups in Africa a lifeline. Mira Mehta is co-founder of Tomato Jos, an agricultural company that helps tomato farmers in Nigeria. Using Kickstarter, which claims to be the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, Tomato Jos raised $55,000. Angel investors pledged another $230,000 to Tomato Jos outside the platform.
(The Associated Press 06/25/15)
Despite hopes that the deadly Ebola outbreak could soon be contained in West Africa, it shows no signs of abating in Guinea and may be flaring up once more in Sierra Leone as people are flouting rules limiting travel meant to stop it. The election in Guinea in October adds a new layer of worry for Guineans and health workers, with some residents saying that campaign events, in which people crowd together, shouldn't be held yet. The deadly virus, which...
(The New Times 06/25/15)
A new campaign to stop Africa from 'bleeding' is to be launched today in Nairobi by the Tax Justice Network-Africa (TJN-A), a coalition of researchers and activists focused on the harmful impacts of tax avoidance, tax competition and tax havens. The 'bleeding' is symbolic of a $50 billion, which is the minimum that the continent is estimated to lose every year in Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs), as recently reported by a high level panel chaired by former South African President...