Saturday 21 April 2018

Kenyan student held after marijuana garden found on top of his house


Nairobi - Police in Nairobi, Kenya are holding a student who was found cultivating marijuana on the roof of his family's house.

The boy was said to have been growing the illegal crop for a couple of years, without the knowledge of his parents.

According to K24, police uprooted over 1 000 stalks of the crop from a container on the roof of the house in Makongeni area.

Area residents, however, condemned the raid, saying it was a mere show-off. They accused police of failing to rein in the hardcore peddlers who were "well known to them".

"Police know every hardcore bhang (marijuana) peddler in this place who sells seeds to these innocent children. They visit them in their houses to collect handouts," said an angry resident.

Daily Nation reported that marijuana peddling and abuse had become rampant in schools, with the majority of students even smoking it in public.

Popular culture, peer pressure, too much freedom and lack of close parental monitoring were cited as the major factors for drug abuse among students.