Sunday 18 March 2018

Liberia: Mills Jones - 'Supreme Court Decision Made Liberia's Democracy Stronger'

Liberia: Mills Jones - 'Supreme Court Decision Made Liberia's Democracy Stronger'
(Front Page Africa Online 08/01/17)

The standard bearer of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) says the decision of the Supreme Court of Liberia to open the political field for everyone to contest has made the democracy of the country stronger than ever before.

Dr. Jones: "The decision of the Supreme Court has made our democracy stronger, the court has said 'no' to marginalization and has open the process so that the Liberian people can chose from among the full range of candidates including individuals who have talents and who have made contributions and are prepared to make contributions as compared to those who have sat in government endlessly and are still struggling to explain to the Liberian people what they have accomplished all that time, but all of these is behind us now, the Movement for Economic Empowerment is back, we want to let you know that the poverty doctor is back."

He noted that MOVEE has bounced back to tell the Liberians that poverty is not their destiny and that his leadership as President will improve the lives of the people.

He told supporters on the first day of campaign that his candidacy in the election was being targeted by some individuals in higher places he failed to name due to the great works he was doing at the level of the Central Bank of Liberia where he served as governor.

"My candidacy was the most opposed and the most targeted my record and productive performances at the Central Bank of Liberia in the interest of the poor and the enterprising was as a threat for some people in high places, with God's guidance and the support of the Liberian people who believe in their country and in what we were doing, we have surmounted the challenges, we have succeeded in giving a strong voice to ordinary people in the electoral process," he said.

He praised supporters of MOVEE for their resilience during the dark days of the Code of Conduct got many supporters of MOVEE worried thinking that Dr. Jones was not going to contest because of the rumors that was spread that Jones would have been ban by the code of conduct.

Dr. Jones in a strong tone in addressing Liberians said the problem of Liberia is leadership let down manifested in short sightedness, selfishness greed and corruption.

He noted that under the leadership of MOVEE, jobs that belong to Liberians will be given to Liberians, saying, merit will be awarded and peace and stability will be the building block for an inclusive, social order.

"In short, the Movement for Economic Empowerment is ready for its philosophy that says every Liberians must entitle to a stake in Liberia which include benefiting all that Liberia has to offer, they should wake up every day knowing that with hard work and by playing by the rule of civility he or she have seat at the Liberian table, this philosophy will be convey through the decentralization of the government by the electing superintendents, City Mayor and chiefs," he noted.

He said that MOVEE will restore the hope of the Liberian people through good governance, saying, restoring the faith of the Liberian people in government is necessary for patriotism to flourish.

He noted that time for excuses are over for the young people of Liberia, noting that the youths need better life and education - something he says MOVEE leadership will provide when voted into office.

Supporters of Dr. Jones were seen in their orange MOVEE T-shirts as their chanted pro Jones slogans throughout his speech.

Prior to addressing the nation, residents of the City View Community in lower Johnsonville gathered in their numbers to welcome Dr. Jones in their community and to endorse him.

The residents in their statement of endorsement said Dr. Jones has always identified with ordinary citizens, something they believe makes him (Dr. Jones) best suited to lead Liberia.

According to them, the MOVEE political leader has always shown that he is the man of the people evidenced by his micro-economic policy which empowered market women throughout the country.

By Edwin G. Genoway

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