Saturday 24 February 2018

Liberian newspapers zoom on warning to election outfit, President Sirleaf’s campaign pledge

Liberian newspapers zoom on warning to election outfit, President Sirleaf’s campaign pledge
(APA 08/03/17)

The warning to the election outfit and President Sirleaf pledging to campaign for female legislative candidates dominate the headlines of Liberian newspapers on Thursday.

The local NGO, Election Coordinating Committee (ECC), has called on the National Elections Commission to execute all phases of the electoral process in a transparent manner in order to instill confidence in the overall electoral process.

Addressing a press conference in Monrovia on Wednesday, the Chairman of the ECC, Oscar Bloh, commended the NEC for releasing a summary of the final registration figures with names, gender, age, districts and locations, but wondered whether this listing addressed the issue of some missing names and photos linked to the Provisional Registration Roll (PRR).

Bloh called on the NEC to make public the detailed voter registration roll that highlights the particulars of every voter, as this will help political parties and independent candidates to better plan for their campaign.

The Daily Observer published this story as its front page banner headline under the caption: ECC Challenges NEC To Ensure Transparency.

Even though she is no longer running for office, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has assured the Liberia Women’s Policy Platform (LWPP) that she will be on her feet everywhere to campaign for women listed and certified by the National Elections Commission to participate in the October 10 polls.

President Sirleaf said her desire is to reciprocate the support of Liberian women, which led to her victories at the polls in 2005 and 2011.

She recalled that women across the country “stood under the sun and the rain” to ensure victory for her.

The Daily Observer published this story on its front page under the caption: “President Sirleaf To Campaign For Women Legislative Candidates”, while the Analyst published it on its back page under the title: Sirleaf Slants Female Candidates-Vows To Campaign To Narrow Male-Female Gap on Elective Posts.

Other headlines include: Pressure Group Disagrees With Supreme Court…Points To Contradictions in High Court Positions (The Analyst); Senatorial By-Elections Imminent…Four Senators Vie For Presidential, VP Posts (Daily Observer); US Police Report Fake, Falsified... Says Defendant (Daily Observer); Bad News For HIV/AIDS Patients-As Liberia’s HIV Package Hit With Problems (Women Voices).

Superintendent Brandy Pays Home To President Sirleaf For Women Empowerment (Women Voices); 7 Parties Reject NEC Magistrate (In Maryland County) (The New Dawn); UNIDO, Japan Dedicate Modern Heavy Equipment School (The Inquirer); BAD ROADS, RAINS-ELECTIONS HURDLE (FrontPage).

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