Saturday 21 April 2018

Liberian papers on Weah's Charles Taylor admission, others

Liberian papers on Weah's Charles Taylor admission, others
(APA 03/16/17)
Liberian papers on Weah's Charles Taylor admission, others

George Weah's admission that he spoke with Charles Taylor and the recent U.S. State Department’s Human Rights Report on Liberia dominate the headlines in Thursday’s editions of local newspapers.

Former world best footballer, Senator George Weah, has confirmed that he spoke with jailed former Liberian leader Charles Taylor by phone.

Minutes after he submitted his long- awaited ECOWAS Parliament Report, Weah told journalists at his Capitol Building office Tuesday: "You are asking me if I spoke to him; definitely I spoke with him during one of our meetings...I think someone related to Charles Taylor was on the line with him and said that President Taylor is on the line and will like to say hi to you; and I can tell you I picked up the phone and said 'Mr. President, how are you..?."

He further told the reporters that "it was his responsibility to respect a former leader and that they could now say whatever they wish to say."

The FrontPage, Daily Observer and New Dawn newspapers published the story as their front page banner headlines.

The Daily Observer has the headline: “Definitely I Spoke With Charles Taylor-Senator Weah Tells legislative reporters, while the New Dawn screamed: "I spoke with Taylor-Weah finally admits”.

The FronPage for its part has the headline: "THE ADMISSION. What the Implications Of Weah's Conversation With Charles Taylor Mean For The CDC-NPP-LDP Coalition."

A recent U.S. State Department report on Liberia has said: "Impunity remained a serious problem despite intermittent and limited government attempts to investigate and prosecute officials accused of abuses, whether in security forces or elsewhere in government.

“Corruption at all levels of government continued to undermine public trust in state institutions."

The FrontPage newspaper published this story on its front page under the caption: “Several Rights Abuses: U.S State
Department Recent Human Rights Report On Liberia Outlines Corruption, Impunity, Lack of Justice As Major Impediments”.

Other headlines in the Thursday editions of Liberian newspapers include: “Iconic Women Leader, Rights Activist, Mary Brownell Is Dead” (Daily Observer);

“NASSCORP Employee, Ward, Found Dead In Ganta” (Daily Observer); “Physically Challenged People Appeal For School (Daily Observer); “Brumskine to pick Kanweah”? (The New Dawn); “Several Burnt to Death” (The New Dawn).

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