Tuesday 20 March 2018

Eleven Malawians die in Mozambique road accident

Eleven Malawians die in Mozambique road accident
(APA 10/09/17)

APA-Maputo (Mozambique) - Twelve people Malawians have died in a road accident in the western Mozambican province of Tete, APA can report on Monday.

Eleven of the victims were Malawians and one was a Mozambican, according to Mozambican police, who said the accident at midnight on the road between the border district of Tsangano and the Tete provincial capital. The casualties include seven people who were injured, some of them seriously.

The accident occurred after one of the rear tires burst, and the mini-bus involved in the accident overturned. State-controlled Radio Mozambique said Mozambican police have confirmed that the victims are illegal immigrants from Malawi, who were suspect to be on their way to neighbouring South Africa, in search of green pastures.

Tete police spokesperson Lurdes Ferreira explained that illegal immigrants are now opting to the practice of travelling late in the night to avoid being easily noticed by the Mozambican police, particularly at check-points. “Lately, Illegal immigrants presume that Mozambican border posts have less control in the nights, and due to that they try to travel during the dark hours and, unfortunately, this time this behavior resulted in an accident,” Ferreira was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Jose Alberto, spokesperson of the Angonia hospital, where the victims were first taken revealed that the bodies of the 11 Malawian victims were handed over to their home country, while the Mozambican victim was handed to his family. “Besides the 12 Malawian victims that are already out of our responsibility, there are also five other Malawians who have been sent to the Litza hospital in Malawi for treatment.”

In another development, the Mozambique police spokesperson in the country's tourism province of Inhambane has confirmed the arrest of ten illegal Ethiopian nationals. Juma Ali Dauto said the Ethiopian immigrants were arrested on Friday. "The ten Ethiopians were transported in a haulage truck driven by a Mozambican to Maputo, and the police is now working with the Provincial Migration Services to determine the circumstances of the individuals entering the country; they will eventually be repatriated", he told APA in a brief telephone interview on Monday.

Mozambique provides an easy entry point for illegal immigrants to neighbouring South Africa, Africa’s richest economy.

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