Saturday 24 February 2018

Malawi: Mutharika Says Joyce Banda Free to Come Back to Malawi

Malawi: Mutharika Says Joyce Banda Free to Come Back to Malawi
(Nyasa Times 07/31/17)
Malawi: Mutharika Says Joyce Banda Free to Come Back to Malawi

President P" Peter Mutharika has said former President of Malawi Joyce Banda is free to come back to Malawi anytime to help the government in developing the country.

Mutharika said this on Saturday at the Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe during a Blue Night Fundraising Dinner and Dance organized by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

He said he was sad that the former president who left the country for her reason is telling the world leaders that the current president is refusing her to return to Malawi.

"When I was in Brussels a few weeks ago I was approached by world leaders who asked me why I was refusing Joyce Banda from returning to Malawi. I said this one is a liar, I have never refused her from returning to Malawi," said Mutharika.

He said Banda ran away from her own shadow but she is free to be back anytime indicating he has no problem with her coming back.

On the ruling DPP as a party, Mutharika said the party will live, conquer and prosper though other parties wanted to stop them from developing this country but they are unstoppable.

"Tell the people who would like to stop us from developing this country that the DPP will never be stopped by anyone in the country. With the falling of Bingu we were all fallen with him, those were sad times we were down but we will never be conquered," he said.

He said the DPP was second in opposition but it managed to bounce back into government.

"When I led this party from the opposition, the situation was tough, tougher than ever but we prevailed," said Mutharika.

He said Joyce Banda and her friends in Malawi Congress Party (MCP) did everything they could to take him out. With all that government machinery they tried to arrest him but they failed.

"You must remember in 1999 the MCP lost the election and said the election was stolen from them, in 2004 MCP failed again and sang the same song rigging, in 2009 MCP failed again and again blamed their failure on others on rigging, in 2014 they failed again and said the election was stolen.

"Come 2019 they are saying we will rig the election through the National Identity Card they know they have already failed the elections," said the President.

He explained that the National Identity Card was introduced in 2009 when he was Minister of Justice, now its enforcement has nothing to do with rigging elections; it has everything to do with identifying who real Malawians are.

Dr. Hertherwick Ntaba, who was Chairperson for the Blue Night Organizing Committee and also the DPP Vice President for Central Region said despite going through all sorts of difficulties in the past years, the party continues to perform well and deliver on its development promises to the people of the Malawi.

"We are happy that everything is back to normal, the donors are back too because of the confidence they have in you the President, this is an achievement," said Ntaba.

He thanked all who contributed to the fundraising saying without them they could not have it.

By Gladys Kamakanda

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