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Malawi: Head of Abducted Malawi Boy With Albinism Found, Body Missing

Malawi: Head of Abducted Malawi Boy With Albinism Found, Body Missing
(Malawi News Agency 03/04/16)

Machinga — A head believed to be of a nine-year-old-boy with albinism who was abducted recently in Machinga has been found in Adamson Village at Chikweo in the district.

The head was found five days after unidentified people abducted the boy from Mpakati Village, Traditional Authority Nkoola where the boy's mother sustained injuries as she tried to rescue him.

Police in Machinga confirmed that people in Adamson Village found the head wrapped in a cloth in a roadside culvert after the abduction last Friday night.

The head was found about 20 kilometers from the boy's home and the abductors were believed to have headed towards Chikweo direction, according Machinga Police head of investigation, Isaac Ndala.

The head was taken to the boy's mother Edna Cedrick and her relatives for identification. The mother and relatives identified the head as that of the abducted boy.

Police said the hair and the skin were in place though the eyes were in bad shape.

Two unidentified men broke into Cedrick's house Friday night before abducting the boy, leaving behind his twin brother who also has albinism.

The mother screamed for help but to no avail as the abductors made their way in the direction of Chikweo, leaving her with head injuries.

Machinga Police said the boy's father, a fish monger, was away for two days on business. They said investigations into the incident were underway. The body of the boy is still missing.

In 2015, a two-year- old boy with albinism was abducted in the area of Sub Traditional Authority Mchinguza in Nayuchi in Machinga. To date, the boy has not been found.

Malawi has witnessed a rise in abductions of persons with albinism in recent years. The malpractice has been fuelled by false beliefs by witchdoctors that body parts of people with albinism can be used to make charms to bring luck, wealth and success at work. Even relatives are being implicated in the vice.

Again in 2015, Police in Machinga arrested Collins Zulu of Dedza for abducting his own son, aged six, after he had connived with three men to cross over with the boy to Mozambique via Nyambi area.

Communities in the estates of Nyambi became suspicious when they saw four men on hired push bicycles with a boy with albinism, heading for the Malawi-Mozambique border.

The communities apprehended the men and handed them to police. It was established after the three were questioned that the boy had been abducted.

The police handed the boy to her mother who could not believe what her husband had done.

Zulu's case was heard in a Zomba court.

By Evance Chisiano

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