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Malawi: Mangochi Receives K26 Million for Public Works Programme

Malawi: Mangochi Receives K26 Million for Public Works Programme
(Malawi News Agency 01/18/16)

Mangochi — The Local Development Fund under the Malawi Social Action Fund 4 has provided Mangochi Town Council K26, 160, 423 to undertake public works programme.

The funds sourced from the World Bank will support such projects like environmental management, feeder roads rehabilitation and grading, upgrading of the town's drainage system and waste management among others.

Speaking during a full council meeting on Friday, Mangochi Town Council chairperson, Ibrahim Kacheya appealed to councillors to avoid politicising the programme especially in the identification and registration of beneficiaries.

Kacheya said politicising of development projects has the potential of frustrating government efforts of improving both the status of the town and the living standards of the targeted beneficiaries most of whom were vulnerable.

"When implementing this public works programme, what we must always bear in mind is that over and above everything else, it (programme) is a social protection meant to uplift the lives of poor people," Kacheya added.

He encouraged councillors to work very closely with ward development chairpersons and local leaders in the implementation of the whole programme in order for the public works to be meaningful.

Kacheya, therefore, assured that the council would adhere to the dictates of democratic principles which demand transparency and accountability in the identification and registration of beneficiaries in order for the scheme to achieve its intended purpose.

To this effect, Kacheya disclosed that the council would make all the transactions of the programme public by among other things displaying projects being undertaken and list of names of beneficiaries at the council's notice board.

Mangochi Town Council Director of Public Works Danstain Mphonde said the LDF support had come handy in view of the fact that the town's environmental status had degraded and that most of the drainage system also required repair.

"We are very grateful to LDF because the funds will improve urban set-up whose drainage system is in dilapidated form. It will obviously change the face of the council which is at the moment failing to provide other social services due to financial constraints," Mphonde said.

Mponde appealed to residents of the town to provide the programme the necessary support so that it benefits the council in general and the intended vulnerable groups of people in society in particular.

In his contribution, Mangochi Town Council Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Misomali encouraged beneficiaries of the PWP to embrace a culture of savings through the Community Savings and Investment Promotion (COMSIP) concept in an effort to grow their money realised from the programme.

"COMSIP concept is very important because it helps the beneficiaries to save and invest their money as a result changing the socio-economic status of the area," Misomali pointed out.

At least 2180 people stand to benefit from the programme in the first phase which spans from January to February earning K600 per day for a period of 12 days. The beneficiaries will have to do work for at least four hours on each of the 12 days.

By Arnold Namanja

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