Sunday 22 April 2018

Morocco: Government bets on land to resolve crisis in Al Hoceima

Morocco: Government bets on land to resolve crisis in Al Hoceima
(Agence Ecofin 07/03/17)
The minister of agriculture, Aziz Akhannouch.

What if land was the answer to the protests currently taking place in Al Hoceima ? Well, it seems the government believes so, according to the minister of agriculture, Aziz Akhannouch, who made the announcement while commencing a visit in the region last Thursday.

Others issues brought up by the official on that occasion include land property in rural areas which is one of the main sources of conflicts and anger of protestors. “In Béni Amaret, the minister attended a meeting where Karm Tajmouati, head of the national land conservation agency, revealed that all rural lands situated in the Al Hoceima province will be registered by 2021. A decision which falls under a programme launched this year in nine communities, with more to progressively come, according to Tajmouati. Overall, the project will cover 31 communities, expanding over 215,000 hectares and cost 500 million dirhams,” reports.

Besides discussing land, M. Akhannouch also talked about the priorities of Morocco’s Green Plan as well the “Al Hoceima, phare de la Méditerranée” programme which aims at making Al Hoceima, the leading city of the Mediterranean.

Souha Touré

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