Wednesday 21 February 2018

Survey Shows Majority of Africans Support Presidential Term Limits

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A majority of Africans said they favor presidential term limits, according to a report by Afrobarometer, a non-partisan pan-African research organization.

In a new survey of 51,600 citizens in 34 African countries, Afrobarometer found three-fourths of the citizens favor limiting a presidential candidate to a maximum of two terms.

Boniface Dulani, program manager for Southern Africa, and author of the report, said the survey shows more educated Africans and those with high level of exposure to the news media tend to favor presidential term limits.

“We do have, for example, countries like Benin where 90 percent of Beninese say their president should be limited to two-term limit, countries like Togo where 83 percent say their president should be limited to two terms, and three-quarters of Cameroonians say their president should be limited to two terms,” he said.