Friday 20 April 2018

New attack kills 2 in north Mozambique

New attack kills 2 in north Mozambique
(AFP (eng) 12/05/17)

Unidentified attackers killed two villagers, burned dozens of homes and destroyed a church in the far north of Mozambique, police said on Tuesday.

The violence, which struck last week, came two months after a wave of attacks in the same region that investigators blamed on "Islamist extremists".

On October 5 and 6, two armed men laid siege to three police stations in Mocimboa de Praia, close to the Tanzanian border, killing a civilian and two officers, detectives said. As many as 14 attackers were also killed.

The latest attack happened on the night of November 29 in the villages of Mitumbate and Makulo, according to police spokesman Inacio Dina.

"A group of attackers vandalised homes, businesses and a Christian church," Dina told a press conference. "Four people were wounded and two others were killed."

The spokesman declined to immediately connect the latest attacks and the events of October.

"We don't want to prematurely link these attacks and those of October 5," said Dina, who added that "security and public order" had been reestablished in the area.

Following the violence in Mocimboa de Praia, authorities made around 50 arrests and ordered the closure of three mosques that officials alleged had been visited by "Islamist extremists" involved in the attacks.

President Filipe Nyusi also fired the army chief and the head of the country's spy agency.

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