Saturday 24 March 2018

Over 300 gendarmes to be deployed in CAR

Over 300 gendarmes to be deployed in CAR
(APA 08/01/17)
Over 300 gendarmes to be deployed in CAR

The Cameroonian government on Monday announced that a contingent of 339 gendarmes will be deployed in the Central African Republic later this week.

The gendarmes will contribute to stabilizing the CAR, a country riven by violence, targeting personnel of the UN Integrated Multidimensional Mission for the Stabilization of CAR (MINUSCA).

According to Cameroon’s Secretary of State for Defense (SED), the security officers with support from the United States, under the project "International Police Peacekeeping Operation Support" (IPPOS), were trained on intervention tactics and keeping and restoring order.

Launched on July 5, 2017 at the Center for Professional Development of Policing Techniques (CPTMO), the training camp, the third of its kind, focused on the training of officers, lectures on the UN system, topography, transmissions and control, with or without weapon.

Due to the social unrest in CAR, the courses focused on intervention tactics, operational assistance, the protection of senior officials and restoring order.

The Cameroonian security personnel have been encouraged to show “discipline, determination and professionalism in their mission”.

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