Wednesday 25 April 2018

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While fleeing the Central African Republic, some get caught up in the violence
RFI(EN) 08/16/17

Central Africans fleeing the violence sometimes get caught up in it.

DNA Test Finds Elephant Poaching Hotspots

There’s a new weapon in the fight to stop elephant poaching: genetics.

African Food Security Varies by Region

A new report on Africa’s food security showed regional differences in progress.

Survey Shows Majority of Africans Support Presidential Term Limits

A majority of Africans said they favor presidential term limits, according to a report by...

Planting for Peace

The U.N.

UN Issues Plea for Central Africa Refugees

GAROUA-BO ULAI, CAMEROON— More than two years of violence has driven thousands of Central...

New Study Suggests Reforms to UN Peacekeeping Operations

A new study suggests reforms to help improve United Nations peacekeeping operations around the...

Apparent LRA Commander Surrender Seen as Step toward Justice

A member of the U.S.-based Enough Project, which seeks to end genocide and crimes against...

CAR Sees Child Soldier Increase

A growing number of fighters in Central African Republic’s two year old civil war are children...

African Aluminum Pots Contain Lead

The World Health Organization has not posted any regulations regarding lead in cookware, but the...