Thursday 22 March 2018

Tous les sites d'Afrique

    Radio Free Africa
Prana French
Moroccan webzine : news, cultural, social and economic development
Mots pluriels French, English
is a refereed electronic and international journal open to literary minded scholars wishing to share their point of view on important contemporary world issues
Gabon webzine édition French
The Gabonese first webzine: current events, Internet and Ntic,cyberculture
Algerian on-line French, English
An algerian on-line newspaper which seeks to provide up-to-date information on political, economic and military developments
Letter from Europe English
The African news sight by the Rwandan author Benjamin Sehene
Fool's Cap English
A satirical magazine dedicated to monitoring humorous activities throughout Africa, particularly, Nigeria
Algesoc French
Algerian documentation and social studies magazine
News French
Moroccan Current events online

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