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Sunday 23 November 2014
(Reuters (Eng) 11/22/14)
Suspected Ugandan ADF-NALU rebels have killed between 50 and 80 people in attacks near the eastern Congolese town of Beni, slitting the throats of many of their victims, local sources and witnesses said on Friday. In a statement, Civil Society of North Kivu, the province where Beni is situated, said the killings had occurred on Thursday evening about 10 km (6 miles) east of Beni airport, where U.N. peacekeepers, known as MONUSCO, are based. "We already saw 70 bodies. The authorities are searching for other bodies," said a priest who saw the massacre site.
(Reuters (Eng) 11/22/14)
Nairobi — Mobile phones and other technological innovations can be "game changers" in securing children's rights, the United Nations children's agency UNICEF said at the launch of its first crowd-sourced report on Thursday. UNICEF's flagship annual report State of the World's Children showcases cutting-edge innovations for children, from urine-powered generators to mobile phone-generated birth certificates, and invites readers to share their own ideas. "There are innovative minds and people all over the world that are coming up with solutions that can be game changers in terms of helping children to stay alive and realise their full potential," Jaya Murthy, UNICEF's...
(Le Potentiel Online 11/21/14)
Un convoi des policiers indiens de la Monusco a été attaqué mercredi soir par des hommes armés sur le tronçon Beni-Mavivi, au niveau du village de Ngadi, en territoire de Beni dans la province du Nord-Kivu. C’est vers 19 heures locales que la patrouille des policiers indiens de la Monusco, venant de Beni à destination de Mavivi, a été attaquée, indique Radio Okapi Des sources de la Monusco ont indiqué que les assaillants postés de tous les côtés de la...
(Daily Nation 11/21/14)
Pan-African lawmakers are now pushing for the establishment of a standby force to enhance rapid response to deal with conflicts in the region. The move came as Somali MPs at the Pan-African Parliament demanded the immediate withdrawal of Kenyan forces and other Amisom forces from Somalia. An independent force, they said, would reduce the level of suspicion between the countries in conflict and the countries contributing the peace-keeping forces to regional organs such as the Amisom.
(PANA 11/20/14)
Paris, France - The establishment of a civilian transition in Burkina Faso with the appointment on Sunday night of diplomat Michel Kafando as leader of the country should warn African leaders against the tendency of 'president for life'. It also puts an end to the seizure of power through constitutional amendment, Philippe Missassou, a lawyer and analyst of Franco-African relations, said in Paris, PANA reported on Wednesday. 'What happened in recent days in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) will have a domino...
(Xinhuanet 11/19/14)
UNITED NATIONS, Nov. (Xinhua) -- The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) on Tuesday urged the authorities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the UN stabilization mission to boost their respective capacities to stem the violence in the long- troubled, resource-rich area known as "the triangle of death," as it is deeply concerned about the "catastrophic" humanitarian situation in Katanga province. According to UNHCR, violence in the southeastern DRC province has forced some 400,000 people to flee their...
(UN.org 11/19/14)
The United Nations General Assembly and Security Council today elected a fifth judge to a seat on the International Court of Justice (ICJ) - the principal judicial organ of the UN - following the election of four judges earlier this month. After voting this afternoon in the Assembly and the Council, which met independently from but concurrently with each other, Patrick Lipton Robinson of Jamaica was elected to a nine-year term on the ICJ, starting on 6 February next year...
(Xinhuanet 11/19/14)
NAIROBI, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- Eastern and Southern Africa has made great strides in protecting children from abuse, exploitation and violence, yet necessary laws, legal systems and enforcement mechanisms are still lacking throughout the region, said a United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) expert. In an interview with Xinhua, Cornelius Williams, child protection advisor with UNICEF Regional Office for Eastern and Southern Africa, said almost all countries in the region today have ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child...
(AFP (eng) 11/18/14)
Widespread violence has forced more than 71,000 people to flee their homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Katanga region in the past three months alone, the United Nations warned Tuesday. The UN refugee agency said it was "deeply concerned about the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Katanga". Rampant violence in the mineral-rich southern region has uprooted about 400,000 people since 2012, and brought the total number of people internally displaced to nearly 600,000, UNHCR said. In October alone, the agency...
(AFP (eng) 11/18/14)
Human Rights Watch on Tuesday denounced police in the Democratic Republic of Congo for summarily killing or forcibly disappearing at least 80 people during a violent crackdown on gang crime in the capital. During Operation Likofi in Kinshasa from November 2013 to February this year, "uniformed police, often wearing masks, dragged 'kuluna', or suspected gang members, from their homes at night," the New York-based watchdog reported. "The police shot and killed the unarmed young men and boys outside their homes,...
(Reuters (Eng) 11/18/14)
KALEMIE Democratic Republic of Congo (Reuters) - A military tribunal in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on Monday sentenced to death a senior army officer and a rebel commander he was meant to be fighting, defense counsel and observers said. In a trial that highlighted the deep splits that plague Congo's military, sentence was pronounced after Lieutenant Colonel Nzanzu Birotsho and Jamil Makulu, leader of the Ugandan Islamist Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels, were convicted of terrorism and belonging to an insurrection movement.
(Reuters (Eng) 11/18/14)
KINSHASA (Reuters) - The U.S. campaign group Human Rights Watch (HRW) accused police in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Tuesday of summarily executing at least 51 people in an anti-gang operation, and being responsible for the disappearance of at least 33 more. The report, based on witness testimony, is the second high-profile inquiry into Operation Likofi, or 'punch' in the Lingala language, launched last November to tackle criminal gangs in the capital Kinshasa. The government could not immediately be reached for comment, but Interior Minister Richard Muyej in October rejected a U.N. report that produced similar findings and accused its authors of trying to destabilize the government.
(Bloomberg 11/18/14)
Police in the Democratic Republic of Congo killed at least 51 young men and teenage boys in a crackdown on gangs that showed “little regard for the rule of law,” Human Rights Watch said. Thirty three others were “forcibly disappeared” during Operation Likofi that took place in the capital, Kinshasa, from November 2013 to February 2014, the New York-based advocacy group said in a report yesterday. Uniformed police, some wearing masks, executed suspected gang members outside their homes, in open...
(Reuters (Eng) 11/18/14)
Nairobi — With an El Niño event predicted to hit the Horn of Africa and the Sahel starting in December, potentially bringing worsening droughts and floods, researchers are recommending action now to avoid a food crisis. Effective measure to cut risks might include better water management, planting a more diverse range of crops and sharing weather information, they said. Forecasts by the U.S. National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released this month warn of an El Niño period starting in...
(AFP (eng) 11/17/14)
The Democratic Republic of Congo on Saturday declared itself Ebola-free, after a three-month outbreak of the killer disease claimed at least 49 lives. The DRC outbreak, which began in August, involved a different strain of Ebola from the one that has claimed more than 5,100 lives in west Africa. "The end of the epidemic... does not mean we are completely out of danger," said DRC Health Minister Felix Kabange Numbi. "Like every other nation, the DRC remains threatened by the...
(PANA 11/17/14)
As the two-day G20 summit rounded off in Brisbane, Australia, Sunday, an African economic expert has canvassed a stronger representation for the continent in the group, which comprises the world’s largest advanced and emerging economies, representing about two-thirds of the world’s population. 'Africa can no longer remain on the margins where global leaders are making decisions on the world economy,' Prof. Emmanuel Nnadozie, Executive Secretary of the Harare-based African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), wrote in an Op-Ed article designed to coincide with the just-ended summit.
(Dw-World 11/17/14)
Africa is not immune to diabetes, a disease long considered to be restricted to the affluent west. It is spreading globally and this can also be seen in Africa where new lifestyles are being adopted. November 14 is World Diabetes Day. In 2014, the disease is a growing problem. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), close to 350 million people are suffering from diabetes across the globe. If left untreated it can kill - and figures from the WHO say that in 2012 it was responsible for the deaths of one and a half million people.
(PANA 11/14/14)
The African Union (AU) has hailed Germany for providing assistance to universities in African countries to enhance research on effective land use and management. The enhanced research on land management policies is crucial for countries to avoid giving out free land to investors seeking to cash in on huge tracks of under-utilised land across Africa, known as land grabs. AU Commissioner for Agriculture, Rhoda Tumusiime, said the German aid to the universities and research institutions was critical to efforts by AU to advance effective land management to grow local economies. “Improved access to land is critical in dealing with agricultural problems
(AFP (eng) 11/13/14)
Jean-Pierre Bemba had "no command" over his troops in the Central African Republic a decade ago, the former Congolese vice president's lawyers said as his war crimes trial closed on Thursday. Bemba, 52, faces three war crimes counts and two of crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court committed by some 1,500 members of his private army in the neighbouring Central African Republic between October 2002 and March 2003. His troops allegedly murdered, raped and pillaged after Bemba sent them into the country in late 2002 to help put down a coup against then-CAR president Ange-Felix Patasse.
(AFP (eng) 11/13/14)
Uganda's Lord's Resistance Army rebels have launched a string of attacks across central Africa with a "steady increase" in abductions, the United Nations said in a report seen Thursday. The elusive jungle insurgents, who raid villages and enslave residents, have abducted 432 people so far this year, a "steady increase" from last year and more than double the number in 2012, the report by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) read. Those captured, often children, are...