Saturday 21 April 2018

Rwanda's Kagame gains Israeli cooperation

Rwanda's Kagame gains Israeli cooperation
(Reuters (Eng) 07/10/17)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stands (L) next to Rwanda's President Paul Kagame (R)

Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame has assured Israelis his country is open for cooperation and he is looking forward to strengthened ties between the two states.

Kagame was meeting Israel’s leadership on Monday in Jerusalem, on a two day visit to the region.

The cooperation is aimed at helping rebuild Rwanda, support its major sectors like agriculture and security.

“This is a very positive trend which can only be welcomed and merits our support. We are looking forward to reinforcing our cooperation with Israel on common challenges and issues of mutual interest,” Kagame said.

Both countries have experienced genocide according to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who believes, that shared history is a great bond.

“We have pledged, I think, both our peoples, one simple pledge: Never again. Never again. We witnessed the greatest Holocaust in history, you who witnessed perhaps one of the most recent ones. Never again, that’s another great bond between us,” he added.

Netanyahu visited East Africa last year, and committed to scaling up engagement across Africa.

Kagame is internationally known for ending Rwanda’s genocide in 1994, fighting corruption and steering rapid economic growth.

He will run for a third term as president on August 4 against Democratic Green Party’s Frank Habineza and Philippe Mpayimana.

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