Friday 23 February 2018

Senegal’s ruling coalition wins in Dakar - Provisional results

Senegal’s ruling coalition wins in Dakar - Provisional results
(APA 08/03/17)

The ruling Benno Bokk Yakaar (BBY) Coalition has won the legislative elections in the department of Dakar, with 114,603 votes against 111,849 votes for the Manko Taxawu Senegaal (MTS) Coaltion, the Department’s Vote Counting Commission announced Thursday.

As a result, the winning BBY Coalition takes all the seven parliamentary seats assigned to the Department of Dakar, in line with the country’s election law.

So far, both the Benno Coalition led by Prime Minister Mahammad Dionne and the Manko Taxawu Senegaal Coalition of jailed Dakar mayor Khalifa Sall have been claiming victory in the Senegalese capital.

According to figures released by the department’s ballot counting commission, the Wattu Senegaal Coalition of former President Abdoulaye Wade completes the top three winners with 53,979 votes. The Party for Unity and Rally (PUR) came fourth with 15,432 votes.

Meanwhile, Manko’s representative in the departmental electoral commission, Moussa Sow, has announced they will appeal to the National Election Board.

According to Sow, if it is not declared as winner, the Manko coalition will challenge the decision at the country’s Constitutional Council.

For Sunday’s July 30 legislative elections in Senegal, more than six million Senegalese were registered as voters to elect the 165 MPs of the country’s 13th legislature.

Forty-seven lists of candidates were contestants in the polls.

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