Tuesday 24 April 2018

Embattled Dakar mayor faces questioning over fraud

Embattled Dakar mayor faces questioning over fraud
(AFP 03/06/17)

The embattled mayor of Senegal's capital Dakar will face questioning Monday in connection with public funds worth $2.85 million (2.7 million euros) allegedly embezzled by his office, he said while rejecting the allegations.

Khalifa Sall, who has run the city since 2009, held a press conference Sunday to defend himself against claims made by prosecutors that his office was unable to show receipts proving that funds earmarked for food for the city's population had been spent correctly.

Sall broke down in tears during the press event, explaining his family had been shocked by the accusations, and told journalists he would comply with a request to be questioned by criminal investigators on Monday.

But he hit out at what he said were politically motivated allegations and said he was ready to face scrutiny over the missing cash.

"I am ready to go before the court with all those who accuse me," Sall said.

Sall, a rebel member of the Socialist Party, part of the country's ruling coalition, had been seen as a probable contender in the 2019 presidential elections, and has claimed a plot may be under way to remove him from the running.

He has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing after a government monitor published a report raising a flag about missing funds.

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