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Bringing Italy’s tasty mozzarella to Seychelles

Bringing Italy’s tasty mozzarella to Seychelles
(Seychelles News Agency 01/07/16)

Here’s a delicious island recipe: Combine one portion Italian family expertise, one portion European economic crisis and one portion lush tropical paradise. The result? Seychelles gets a new cheese factory.
Following generations of tradition, the Gallo family recently opened a cheese factory on this island archipelago in the western Indian Ocean.
The factory, on the eastern coast of the main island of Mahe, churns out mozzarella, capresse, and julienne cheeses. Proprietor Concetta Gallo said her grandfather first started the business.

“He started with ice cream and mozzarella. My cousins in Italy are continuing this family business. I came here to Seychelles with my family tradition, artisanal ice cream and mozzarella cheese,” said Gallo, who has 35 years of experience in cheese and ice cream making.
Mozzarella cheese has been a family business since the end of World War II, she says.
Gallo said her family – including three children -- decided to relocate to Seychelles four years ago because her husband visited two decades ago and fell in love with the lush tropical islands. Their factory -- Sapori Italiani -- opened in October.

“One day with the economic crisis going on in Italy my husband just said to me, why not try? We can go live in paradise,” Gallo said of the family’s business adventure.
Cheese with a difference
Eating mozzarella cheese is very much the same as drinking a glass of rich fresh milk. The family brand is made from cow and buffalo milk imported from Italy.
“We only import the milk from Italy. If we want fresh and quality cheese it is better to make them locally,” adds Gallo.
Residents who have visited Italy or are familiar with mozzarella enjoy the cheese, but for those new to the flavor it can be an acquired taste, she said.
Sapori Italiani produces 200 kilograms of cheese per day. They supply the STC Supermarket and hypermarket on Mahe, the most populated island. They also cater for demands from other local shops and hotels on both Mahe and Praslin, the second-largest island.

The Gallo family has island expansion plans, too. They hope to be able to bring their mozzarella to Maurituis and Reunion Island.
“We want to establish ourselves as the unique mozzarella cheese maker in the Indian Ocean,” Gallo said.

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