Thursday 26 April 2018

Sierra Leone begins registration for 2018 election

Sierra Leone begins registration for 2018 election
(Xinhuanet 03/20/17)
Sierra Leone begins registration for 2018 election

Nationwide voter/civil registration began in Sierra Leone on Monday for the 2018 elections, with President Ernest Bai Koroma and the First Lady Sia Nyama Koroma leading as examples.

After he finished the process at the NIBATT 13 Godereich Community Primary School, Western Rural in Freetown, Koroma called on all citizens to come out in their numbers and register for the 2018 local council, parliamentary and presidential elections.

According to Chairman of the National Electoral Commission Mohamed N'fa Alie, people who registered would be issued a multipurpose identity card that would be used not only for the elections, but for other national identifications.

"The identity card that would be issued to people would bear a social security number and it can be used in any transaction at the bank," said N'fa Alie.

The registration would last for about a month, from March 20 to April, 2017, with the NEC chairperson saying they have projected to register over 3 million voters across the country.

Due to the detail nature of the process and the 15 minutes timeframe within which a single voter is registered, the chairman said they have the mandate to extend the registration period beyond the stipulated time, if necessary.

Meanwhile, issues of insufficient and late arrival of registration materials were reported at some centers, but the chairperson assured that they would handle them within the shortest possible time.

He said the commission has enough registration materials and would increase the quantity to any center that reports inadequacy.

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