Friday 23 March 2018

Sierra Leone: FA President defends record

Sierra Leone: FA President defends record
(APA 07/28/17)
The President of the Football Association of Sierra Leone, Mrs. Isha Johansen.

The President of the Football Association of Sierra Leone, Mrs. Isha Johansen, says she is ending her four years term with the football sector better than she inherited it.

"It has been an eventful four years in my life to say the least and one that will no doubt leave lasting memories in not just the lives and homes of people I hope I have brought meaningful and positive changes to, but it will mark the day when four years ago the first woman in the history of Sierra Leone was elected to lead a male-dominated industry in Sierra Leone- football," she told a news conference in Freetown on Thursday.

"This is a feat very few are able to achieve in a lifetime, and therefore I feel truly blessed, grateful, privileged, and honoured to have been able to bravely soldier on despite the often turbulent, even precarious four-year term," she added.

Johansen made history by becoming the only female FA President in Africa and one of only two in the world when she was elected in controversial circumstances in 2014.

She spent most of her tenure fighting with her rivals, which sometimes included the government, who accused her of maladministration and corruption. She denied all the allegations.

Mrs. Johansen's four years term as President of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) comes to an end on August 3, 2017.

The FA is expected to hold its congress to elect a new leadership, but it is uncertain what will happen after August 3 as FIFA has barred the holding of the congress until certain conditions are met.

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