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Sierra Leone News: FCC encourages people to pay local tax

Sierra Leone News: FCC encourages people to pay local tax
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Freetown City Council, on Wednesday, held a meeting at their Wallace Johnson Street office, with bike riders, tribal heads, Trader’s Union, representatives from the Nigerian and Indian communities. The meeting was to discuss tax collection.
The Acting Chief Administrator, Mohamed Koroma, said, “We need money to clean the city.” People are obliged to pay the local tax of Le5,000.
Koroma appealed for help to get people to pay the local tax. The 1975 Local Tax Act, dictates that every citizen, who is 18-years and above, must pay tax.
He furthered that during the rainy season, Council is faced with lot of challenges, adding that they need money to surmount those challenges.

It was suggested that City Council should be collecting tax in high-traffic areas such as banks, colleges, churches, hospitals, etc. City Council should make tax payments easy, that would encourage citizens to comply with the tax regulations.
Freetown City Council is responsible to clean the streets, maintain public toilets, fix municipal hospitals and schools.
“We are spending a lot of money to clean the city,” Koroma said.

Mansu Sesay, Councillor from the central business district, said, “Tax is a major obligation on the path of any citizen. There is no country in the world without complying with their tax structures.”
Councillor Kalawa, from the Finance Committee, said, “Council is struggling. The money we are collecting from tax is not enough to run the administration. Council is spending Le4 million a day mainly to facilitate the cleanliness of the city.”
The Secretary General of Sierra Leone Trader’s Union, Ibrahim Baba, said, “They are ready to clean the city. He called on Council to build public toilets in major places. They should have engaged them at the start of the year regarding the issue of tax collection.”

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